The Light

I was blinded by the darkness.
I could not see the way thru life.
I reached out to follow my own way.
But felt nothing in my heart.

I stumbled and fell through life.
Bruised and battered at a loss.
I had no purpose in my life.
My soul waivered in my struggle.

But I did not give up trying my way.
I struggled through every day.
I kept crawling forward, trying.
But still I felt nothing in life.

My soul paused, gaining breath.
The Light I saw gave me courage.
It again brought me to my feet.
The beam of Light kept calling me.

I reached and touched the Light.
I was finally feeling it's warmth.
It began flowing all through me.
My very soul was strengthened.

I stepped boldly towards it again.
A beam of light engulfed my body.
And finally I had purpose in life.
I had been guided by love to the Light.

For I knew now, Jesus was the Light.

~ Dave Griffith ~

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Art Top Danny Hahlbohm, Inspired-Art and used with permission

Art Bottom Martyca, and used with permission


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