Painting "Joseph Smith In Liberty Jail" 1999-2000 Greg Olsen Gallery

~ Remind Me God ~

Dear God,

When I am lonely and,
Perhaps I feel despair.
Let not my ailing heart forget,
That YOU hear every prayer..

Remind me that no matter what,
I do or fail to do,
There still is hope for as long
As I have FAITH in YOU..

Let not my eyes be blinded by
Some folly I commit.
But help me to regret my wrong,
And to make up for it..

Inspire me to put my fears,
Upon a hidden shelf,
And in the future never to
Be sorry for myself.

Give me the restful sleep I need,
Before another dawn,
And bless me in the morning with

Written by Dr. Martin Luter King Jr. while in the Birmingham Jail.

~ Dave ~

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2001/2010 Dave ~ The PalletMaster

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