A Soldier's Mother's Prayer

Please protect my Son, Lord he's the only one I have
Please don't let me lose him like I already lost his dad
His Daddy went to Viet Nam thirty some odd years ago
He looked so handsome all dressed up in the pictures that we'd show...

The letters came sporadically when he first got there, Lord
He told me how much he loved me and how he'd make us proud
Then I told him about our son, Lord about how he was gonna be a Dad
The letters came more regular then the waiting wasn't so bad...

I watched the news most every night to see if by some quirk of fate
Out of the thousands over there I just might see his face
He wrote of a Viet holiday coming up, that they called "Tet "
About how things were, "kinda quiet now" but that it hadn't started yet...

They told about it on the news but they didn't say how bad
The body count was gonna be for Brothers, Sons and Dads
You took him Lord, that fateful day in a battle they say we won
All I ask tonight, Lord, is please don't take his Son...

© 2003 Adrain Desaire, Plainville, Ks.

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