The Cowboy Night Writer's Tale Begins

      This is the tale of the Cowboy Night Writer... Just a simple old country boy sitting here on the front porch and dreaming about a big city gal who has caught his eye, captured his soul, and broke his heart. Come on up here on the porch, sit a spell, as I weave my tale of woe for you... It's a true yarn, I swear, or I'll swoller my 'Skoal'..

      It all started back there about a winter or two when that dumb old cowboy sat down at his computer for a night surfing on the web... Little did that simple cowboy know he was about to embark on the wildest bronc ride of his life when that "Oh~oh" sounded out of his ICQ... Poor old cowboy never knew what was just around the bend in his simple country heart... along was to come a plate plumb full of passion, love, pain, heart ache and grand and glorious memories by the bunch!!!

      Ahhh..... such delicate sweetness!! But I don't want to get ahead of myself, if you'all want to share this here tale with the cowboy then jump down off this porch and follow the magic midnight path below and you will read both his epic tale of heart ache and enjoy some home spun cowboy poetry along the way:

The Midnight Path!
--- Cowboy's Poems ---
Cold Of Winter
Be Somewhere
Lonely Nights
Just Another Loser
Thru The Looking Glass
She's A Maneater
He's Just A Lonely Guitar
Cowboy's Dreams
Floating Within the Flames
Desires Build
The Second Winter
Down On The Beach
Dreams Of The Sea
Cowboy's Longings
Roses For The Lady
Alone In The Park
What's To Happen To Me
The Midst Of The Storm
My Empty Bed
Hope Ends
Things Are Never Different
The Day I Lost My Smile
Forever Never Lasts
Shattered Dreams
Is My Love Only Fantasy ?
The Years Went Hurrying By
Heartaches For Dreams
The Death Of All My Dreams
I Will Wait Forever
Passion's Storm
The Lies You Told My Heart
Life's Just A Rodeo
Sometime I'm Just Too Tired
Does Missing You Ever End?
Facing Another Cold Winter
I'll Always Be Here For You
You're Really Gone
Fantacies In The Night
How Can You Ever Know
A Long And Lonely Life
Life Goes On
Storms of Loneliness
The Crossroads
Sunshine & Flowers
A Broken Heart?
Lonely Fall Dawn
Sunrise Alone
My Broken Heart
Change Your World
Cool of the Evening
Rainbows After The Storm
My Riding Buddy
Windy Hill
Race Point Lighthouse
River Of Dreams
The Magic Bridge
Summer Never Ends
The Lonely Summer
An Arbuckle Holiday
Confessions of a Dreamer
Day One of Forever
Life Goes On Alone
Just Holding On
The Hidden Truth
Between a Rock and Hard Place
In The Garden of Life
The Gentle Flow of Love
The River Road
High Lonesome
They Said
Moonlight Dreaming
Love On The Rocks
Night Dreams
Emotional Storms
Lonely Winds
Flashing Rage
Tranquility after the Storm
On Love and Life
Lost In The Fog
Country Roads
The Lure of the City
Cold Nights
Alone On A Warm Night
Behind Closed Doors
He Saved A Place
Love is Sometimes Blind
Patterns of Confusion
A Leap of Faith
Missing You
The Beacon of Hope
The Longest Span
A Reflection in the Heart
Just a Memory Away
I Can See Your Soul
Life Without Strings
Desperate Dreams
The Fiddler
The Blinds
Call of the City
The Cowboy's Lament
Reflections of a Cowboy
The Power of Passion
Wind Swept
The Cloud
Eye of the Storm
It Was In God's Hands
Morning Coffee
The Cowboy
Here In Texas
A Bittersweet Spring
Only in a Dream
Rode Hard
Winter's Love
Under The Sun
Merry-Go-Round Pony
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon


"Cowboy's Final Ride" ~ An Eight Page Saga Written by David L. Griffith Following His Diagnosis with Alzheimer's
Canyon de Magio
The Hidden Way Home
The High Cold Country
Down Over the Divide
Fate Waits
The Dance
Autumn's Final Call

~ The Yarn Continues So Check Back Often You'all Hear! ~

The Olden Days -- Porch Annex
Entry Into The Heart Of A Poet

~ All Poems © 1999/2006/2010 David L. Griffith ~ "The Cowboy Night Writer" ~

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