Welcome To The Lighter Portions Of My World

It is behind this garden's gate I have chosen to place and nurture the tender pictures created on the pallet of my heart. For my plants I have chosen my light romance poetry. Kick your shoes off, relax, come in and spend some quality time with me in my flower garden.

Through the years I have sold or given use rights to some of the poetry I have displayed here. Here you may enjoy them in their original format. A complete index of pages with links is listed below; and each page is inter-connected so you may navigate with ease. Be sure and have your sound turned up, for each page has music appropriate to the mood of the poem written on it.

So I hope you enjoy them, and I will be adding more as time goes on, and if you would like the reading pleasure then please stop by my workshop often! Here I hope you will always find a gentle smile, an open heart and a lonely friend.

All of the poems and graphics on these pages are protected by copyright laws and shall not be used in whole or part without the author's prior written permission and consent.

If you would like to reproduce or use these works please contact the author David L. Griffith, by clicking on the mail link place below.

The Depth Of My Love

Grow Old With Me

Love At A Distance

The Day We Met

Love Is Never Silent

The Rose

Where Will I Be

Angels For You

True Love Is

Song In My Heart

Dread The Night

I Wish For You

First Winter Then Spring

The Choice Is Yours

Difference Between Strength & Courage

Everybody Knows

Different Drums And Different Drummers

Never Forget

Laughter !

Risk !

The Rose Within

Dr. Seuss Explains Computers

A Special Place

Do Not Stand And Weep

Weep Not

Mother's Forget-Me-Knots

The End Of Life


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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."