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In Memory For Those Who Paid

I make no appology for the contents of these pages! I am the youngest of five boys in my family, and we all paid our dues, three during WW II, one each during Korea & Vietnam. My Christian views of pride and love of country, my conservative politics, and my desire to preserve all things Constitutional has been refined in the fires of personal family service from the Revolutionary War to Present Days. You will find a complete copy of the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights linked to these pages for those of you needing reference material for your children. I hope these pages, as they grow, will bring in you the spirit of our Founding Fathers!

All Things Patriotic!

Patriotic Pages & Memorials
God Bless America
Death of a Soldier
Welcome Home Vets
What They Carried
Lest We Forget
A Warrior's Promise
Sacrifices Back Home
Veteran's Day
My Paint Brush
Always Remember
Never Forget 9/11
Joy In The Morning
God Bless America
We Shall Meet Again
Tribute To America
The Story of Ira Hayes
Columbia Memorial
July 4th
Our Founders
Declaration of Independence
U. S. Constitution
Bill of Rights
A Band of Brothers
'The Game Is Over'
The River Rats
Women Marines
Air Force History
History of U.S. Lightships
Gulf War 2
Nurses in Vietnam
Remarks by the President
Braying Jackass Award
On The Flip Side
Americans One And All
Home of the Brave
Welcome Home Hero
Air Force Hero!
Semper Fidelis!
Coming Home
Political Games
Friendly Fire!
Flying the Hump
Memorial Day
Do You Remember This
Women at War
Greyhounds of the Fleet
Reap the Whirlwind
The Handcart Boys
A Veteran's Plea
One Nation, Under God
We Support You
Salute To Vietnam Vets
Division of Man
Who Is A Vet?
The Military Man
The Rusty Marine
The Man in Blue
Johnny Cash

A Real Job
John Glenn

Speaking In Forked Tongues
A Melodrama!

What Patrick Henry Said and
Yellow Butterflies

The Wall
Circle of Sisters
Welcome Home My Sisters
Your Texan Is Showing
The Forgotten
10th Mountain Division
What Is A Marine
Until Then
Pres. Ronald Reagan
Old Glory
The Freedom Train
Until Then 2005
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