The Highest Pathway

God spoke, and the world began. Man misunderstood, and through him sin entered in.  But God's words are never in vain, so Calvary brought salvation to man... This simple message is all that you need, on page after page in His Scriptures, grace is all that you'll find. What man could not do at Babel, nor in the temple or grove, or any other place conceived by human hands, God did with love and simplicity; through the Son of Man...

So if you follow the prophet, the wizard or the preacher and expect to find, you're bound for perdition for not following the sign posts that mark the way. Abraham saw it in a bush, Moses in the Red Sea, David on his throne with blood on his hands, Paul found it to on the road to judge men. For unless you are spiritually blind, God created the plan for all of mankind.

For God created grace to fulfill the law; He paid for the ticket, He gave His all. Religion created by man, is but a trap on the way to the Promised Land. The law can only convict, not save man from the grave. Works are counted as trash, piety is a farce, but grace is the only way in... So stumble if you will; but know that God can provide grace... He will catch you and take you to the top of the Calvary's hill.

© 2003/2010 by Rev. David L. Griffith ~ The PalletMaster

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